December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday FNY

Good evening

Happy Birthday Facing New York!  Well, it’s a little early, but the unit and the bros as a collective were conceived January 1st, 2004.  So we’re turning 6 years old.  To celebrate, we’ve been rehearsing weekly and coming further along on new material.  Each new piece is an accumulation of that moment.  Not that the songs are improvised, but for example: Brandon suggested I read “To a God Unkown,” his favorite book.  Sorry if I wasn’t supposed to make that public, Brandon.  Anyway, the song resulting, mostly written by Brandon, is this monolithic, pagan forest thing.  It sounds like tree trunks.  Just a glimpse into our haphazard / apeshit composition techniques.

Just starting learning saxophone.  Our myspace got hacked, so we have a totally pathetic wet paper towel of a web page in its place.  Will fix that soon.  Reading more, appreciating the weather, and anticipating a fruitful 2010.  Let’s play some shows.

Eric & FNY

August 5, 2009

Me n My Friendz


Well, Facing New York played together last night for the first time in 9 months.  Can you believe it?  It’s been that long.  The 3 of us haven’t played together since our record release shows last October.  Yes, I said 3.  No, it doesn’t mean anything.  We’ve all just been itching to get our head bang on.  And let me tell you, it was like we didn’t miss a day.  Everything felt so heavy, so thick, so good.  Finally got to play through some new material we’d be philosophising about and generally just had a really sentimental session at ear splitting volume of course.

So that said, we have a new song that has a start a middle and sort of an end.  But once this process starts, it goes.  And when it goes it really goes.



by the way:

April 7, 2009

Shit Gets Realer

Hello hello hello,

“Shit Gets Realer” was one of the runner up titles for our last record.  Along with “Hot n Ready,” “Money’s Tight,” and “Sipowitz” complete with a photo of our heads in a toilet boil, prepared to get shit on by the music industry.  Ok.  This is Eric from FNY.  As I type this, Omar and I are sending mp3s of old demos back and forth.  Laughing about some of the bizarre shit that creeped into some the jams that never made GET HOT.  Also trying to find a few elusive mp3s of practice space sessions that had magical parts we’re trying to recall for some new shit.  I tell you this to clue everyone in to whats going on, where we’re at.

Facing New York is back at the drawing board, working on new material.  Although it’s technically just two of us, we’re still brainstorming new ideas and both working on raw material.  We have a handful of musicians that we have played with before and some we’ve never played with whom we’re going to be requesting the service of to collab on new jams.  This is the best part!  Gettin caffeinated and letting your brain get a little weird. 

Just wanted to say hi
Eric & Omar